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ComHype is the revolution of bringing search results to you, instead of you searching for them

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Live Global Analytics

ComHype is the first technology that consolidates all the internet global trends into your browsing experience. Each internet object - photo, video, post, or webpage - is tagged by ComHype in real time, giving you accurate information on current popularity trends: how popular it is, and where.

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Future Technology

We developed a genuine unique technology


Analytics as you browse

ComHype will embed a small colored side bar to any object on your screen. The colour of the side bar indicates the current trend of that object - from green to red.


Search results on demand

As you mouse over the object, you get real time information: popularity trends, links to where it is used, what people are saying about it - outside of the site you are on!


This is how it looks on Social Media

Our technology is cross platform, decentralized and utilizing real time data:

Cross Platform
ComHype is a cross platform technology, our global analytics is provided for all type of devices, computers and browsers

ComHype is providing data on global trends. It means that not only your website is probed, but all international websites, social networks and news networks are included

Once you install the ComHype app, you will get the global trends to your browser screen, in real time, and on demand

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ComHype is one click away - no registration or filling forms is required: you can use ComHype anonymously and without any registration.

Google Chrome

Version g.1.0

Available from Google Play Store. Download source code here.


Version f.1.0

Available from the Mozilla Extensions Website. Download source code here.


Version s.1.0

Available from the iTunes Apps Store. Download source code here.

Internet Explorer

Version i1.0

Direct download. Download source code here.

ComHype Pro is built for
Corporate Companies, Social Marketing Agencies and SEO specialists


We are highly skilled in data mining and data analysis

Data Mining
ComHype is crawling and indexing billions of web pages, websites, news sites and blogs - stored in powerful databases and accessible via various APIs.

Data Analysis
Our team is skilled in indexing and categorizing or random information into sensible searchable trends

Real-time Dashboards
Our technology and skills support the build of powerful real time KPI dashboards with live feed of data

Market Trends
We are capable of supplying real time trends of products, companies, websites, government polls, and anything else
  • 90%
    Ford Escape
  • 98%
    Chevrolet Malibu
  • 80%
    Chevrolet Impala
  • 60%
    Toyota Corolla
  • 85%
    BMW 3
We are a New Zealand based team of passionate internet geeks with lots of ideas. We are informal, skilled, non-PC direct people with agile approach - targeted at creative thinking that gain results.
We do everything which is behind the browser screen, from the GUI to the backend, but our main passion is with crawling and indexing of mega-large public domain information
We actually must select our clients very carefully, as we have a limited capacity of work and planning to stay small and efficient team. We don't have the capacity to serve everyone, but only projects which in our main focus of interest and skills.
We are a very small and highly skilled team, all our technology is genuinely developed by us and custom tailored to the results we wish to achieve.

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